Become an Adult Cams Webmaster

Become an Adult Live Cams Webmaster

Adult webmastering is a difficult job as long as you just let it be; WOLCams platform provides the tools, the tips & tricks and the right websites to help you earn big. Every single month !

All live webcam platforms below provide serious promo tools and API options and extensions for the most advanced webmasters.

Make sure to try them all out along with all the provided tools for better understanding of how the each platform can help you increase earnings every day.

Tips & Tricks

  • Pick the appropriate promo tools for your bussiness;
  • Promote more cam platforms on a single website;
  • Adjust the traffic to the tools you are using;
  • Use more adult content in your advertising;
  • Make use of the content provided by the cam platforms (videos, photos and interactive content);
  • Select the best customers and offer discounts;
  • Earn more with models' links and subscriptions;
  • Dedicate yourself to the adult bussiness - it will pay off;
  • Get rid of those ugly url links; use a FREE and Ads-Free Adult URL Shortener such as;
  • Choose a safe payment option for monthly or bi-monthly payouts; we recommend bank transfer;
  • Bring FREE traffic to the room with traffic exchange services like OtoHits.